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CHEF Rose Reyes

Rose grew up in a time and place where farm-to-table ingredients were the only way to prepare food – shopping at the local farmer’s market for what was the freshest. Watching her mother work with what was available still stands as one of Rose’s strongest inspirations. Now formally trained at the Cook Street School of Culinary Art in Denver, Rose integrates that dedication to freshness into her Nouvelle Cuisine dishes that sparkle with an Asian Fusion twist. Her modern interpretations of wine country gastronomy reference classical French and Italian while assimilating the roots of her ethnic influences. Her sensibilities dedicate her to the full range of aesthetic and sensual experiences of eating – of the visual and textural ingeniously followed by a surprising and delightful explosion of tastes. Rose started with Montanya Distillers for a brief stint in the summer of 2014 before leaving for culinary school and returning full time as Executive Chef in the spring of 2016.

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