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Maude Autran

After graduating from ESCE International Business School in Paris with a Master Degree in International Business, Maude Autran specialized in International Wine Business and graduated from Agrosup Dijon. She first worked in Singapore for an importer as a sales consultant and subsequently returned to France to start working with Champagne Besserat de Bellefon.

 As the daughter and granddaughter of a long tradition of winemakers from the Southern Rhône Valley, Maude grew up understanding the extraordinary nuances in wine development and how to discern and appreciate their sometimes-marginal differences. At an early age, her parents encouraged her to participate in the daily and seasonal activities required to run a winery, care for the vineyard and market products globally. Naturally, these experiences fostered a strong desire to work in the wine business. Combined with Maude’s love for travel and a curiosity and respect for different cultures and the way business is conducted, she decided to focus her career on international trade, merging her professional goals with her true passions. 

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