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Chef David Wooding

Chef David Wooding likes to cook on the cutting and progressive edge. He has gained a reputation in Crested Butte for elevating "normal" cuisine, recreating it to be as exciting as it is accessible. He thrives on spontaneity driven by freshness, his imagination excelling as his dishes take on additional French, Italian, and Nouveau American airs. David attended the Johnson County School where he studied Culinary Arts. He served with Chef Michael Turner of the Classic Cup and Linda Dewar of JJ's, both in Kansas City. David's experience includes Chef and Executive Chef positions at Bonez, Maxwell’s, Lobar, Secret Stash, Red Room, AlpenChix and Marchitelli’s. As the new Executive Chef of Soupçon Bistro, David’s evocative expertise and range of talent truly shines.

At Soupçon Lunch with Special Guests