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CHEF Ian Scott

Chef Ian Scott’s upbringing in the farms of Vermont plays strongly in his appetite for working with fresh local foods. Ian completed his formal training at the New England Culinary Institute specializing in classical French cuisine. Cooking at The Cliff House (Manitou Springs, Colorado) set him up to serve as Sous Chef for Soupçon Bistro under Executive Chef and Proprietor Jason Vernon. Chef Ian additionally helped design and open the Three Penny Taproom (Montepelier, Vermont), pairing local Vermont foods with premium brews before returning to Crested Butte to help open and serve as Sous Chef of Supper @ Sunflower. His love of simple yet elegant dishes drives a creative mix of old world peasant and fine French dining, concocting his own special blend of upscale comfort food with a touch of Vermont flair. Chef Ian is now Executive Chef / Co-Owner of The Slogar, where he is cooking up all manner of delicious soulfood.

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